Welcome to the Abitech

 We are a company in the metal industry, specializing in machining. The company’s activity, in particular, projects and production projects implemented in the technology of CNC machining. Using modern machinery consisting of CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, we provide a wide range of services in the field of waste machining. We work with many companies in the delivery of machines, manufactured in the processes of CNC: CNC turning and CNC milling. We work with customers at home and abroad. In particular, we gained experience in difficult structurally and technologically details and projects.

Produced details are used among others in the automotive, manufacturing equipment, household appliances, media, outdoor advertising, floating equipment, heating systems, installation of construction itp.Wytwarzanie realize the designs entrusted to the author’s documentation or the executive. With appropriate facilities, we can offer the treatments of heat treatment. We have a proven partner in the field of surface treatment and electrolytic, and therefore, if necessary, we can offer a comprehensive machining workpieces requiring galvanizing, passivation, anodizing, etc.

We offer production of short and long runs, and production unit. We use entrusted or made in our tools and instruments. We offer professional help and counseling and short deadlines. We guarantee high quality service and low prices.

The basis of our position in the market is the number of satisfied customers for whom fruitful cooperation is also a reason to recommend our services. Our advantage is the experience in the implementation of a number of specific projects and products. We invite you to read the offer and to cooperation, being głębokoo confident of achieving a common success.