Processes of CNC machining technology

  • Machining on turning centers: CNC turning, drilling, threading, machining non-axial, transverse, slanting, grooved, grooved, screwed, etc.,
  • Machining on CNC milling centers: CNC milling, drilling, synchronous threading, milling, gears, etc.,
  • Machining on a CNC milling tool, CNC milling, drilling, threading, etc., forming machining (eg mold cavities)
  • Surface grinding 250×800 mm,

Design and implementation services

  • Technological special tools: dies, dies, bends, molds, fixing devices, fastening, etc.
  • Prototypes of new machinery and technological equipment such as bender presses, welding machines, etc.,
  • Modular structures made of aluminum profiles (eg system item),
  • Production of reconstruction (reconstruction engineering or reverse engineering) of precision parts, assemblies of machines and equipment.

Production – sample projects and realizations